Consultations 1 – Congregational Health Check

Why do we have consultations?  Why is this not a waste of everyone’s time?  What do we get out of them?  What is a healthy congregation?  How do consultations lead to healthy congregations?

Use it or lose it! How is this going to work? The date is… (two years); will this really happen…because it’s been said before? Where does the energy/the lever come from? Who is the catalyst? Does Synod need to remind on a regular basis? We need a test case…where a Presbytery has done this? If you don’t do it…the Synod will! If you do it the Synod will back you!

Clarity of purpose/terms of reference; How do we decide which congregations to prioritise? What kind of consultation? Sales? Reacting? Request? Planning? Intervention?

Who needs to be in the room?

Getting the invitation/agreement; building relationships; inter-conciliar; the importance of doing good pre-research and involving the team in doing this work


Relationship/spirituality/missiology needs to be embedded; listening/discerning/discovering/dreaming; Who are we in the Gospel story?; Who are our neighbours?; the time is now, how are we formed/fed/grown through being sent? (DREAM) (CHALLENGE) (CRITICAL FRIEND)

What is best and highest use of resources? What could this mean? How is this related to your mission dream/plan? What is the relationship between capacity and resources? Where are the gaps? What are the opportunity costs? (REALIST)

How do we deal with anxiety? Our own? Others?
How do we deal with grief? Our own? Others?


How do we reflect on what we have seen? Holding up a mirror and being open to critique; How can that support growth and change? Guarding people’s dignity/transparency/being careful about natural justice; check your facts

Posted October 23, 2016 in: by Rohan England

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